From lifestyle benefits to comprehensive health benefits – it’s up to you!

Combining over 65 years of health and dental insurance expertise with innovative mental health, pharmacy, and medical services, GreenShield for Small Business powered by Honeybee provides a modern digital benefits experience. Personalize benefits to fit employees’ unique needs, promote company culture, and help you stand out and attract talent.

Honeybee Employee Benefits

Traditional benefits don’t cut it anymore

Employees want more choice and control over their health benefits. Meanwhile, lifestyle benefits and perks are gaining momentum. Employee benefits – and expectations – are evolving.

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HR trying to understand all the traditional and non-traditional employee benefits

Benefits as unique as your business

We provide digital benefits that meet the needs of both the employer and the modern worker. In addition to traditional health benefits plans, Honeybee’s Allowance Accounts support benefits like fitness, education and much more. Even better, there’s no need to switch benefits plans to get started with Honeybee!

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Honeybee Digital Benefits

Start offering lifestyle benefits with style

Give your team benefits worth bragging about with an Allowance Account that fits your budget, promotes company culture and matches everyone’s values. Allowance Accounts are FREE for select companies: find out if you qualify!

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How Allowance Accounts work

Benefits Budget

Set your per month budget

Identify how much you’d like to give employees each month to spend on the personalized lifestyle benefits they’ll love.

Lifestyle Benefits Categories

Select your benefits categories

Create a unique benefits program, choosing from categories like Fitness, Education, Kids & Pets, Transportation and more.

Provide Lifestyle Benefits

Launch and take a big bow

Introduce your team to their Allowance Accounts and wait for the applause! From there, automation saves you time and hassle.

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Who is it for

Honeybee is for the leader that “gets it” and sees how things are changing. You’re laser-focused on building an awesome culture and attracting the right talent in a tight labour market. Whether you just need a free and easy tool to manage employee lifestyle benefits, or are looking for a more comprehensive digital benefits plan, Honeybee has you covered.

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Who we are

Honeybee is powered by GreenShield Administration Inc. We’ve seen too many companies settle for “one-size-fits-all” benefits that didn’t truly fit anyone. When we see a problem, we look for a solution – that’s how the idea for Honeybee was born.

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Benefits at your fingertips

Honeybee’s intuitive and helpful app lets you and your team get the most out of your benefits. You can easily submit claims, manage your accounts, access your benefits card, and enjoy exclusive offers – all from the app!

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Ready to see how it works?

Honeybee Allowance Accounts are free with a demo! Find out more about what it takes to get started with Allowance Accounts, and book your demo with a Honeybee representative today.