Honeybee Select

Simple, easy-to-obtain coverage for small businesses that are new to employee benefits.

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What is Honeybee Select?

Honeybee Select is a health benefits plan for small businesses (<25 employees) that provides seamless coverage for employees.

Honeybee Select groups have full access to Honeybee’s digital innovative benefits platform with a streamlined user experience.

Honeybee Select is simple!

Too many choices and complications of health insurance coverage might overwhelm already multitasking managers of small businesses. You simply don't have time to deal with the complexities of all the benefits. Honeybee Select is a straightforward way to get the balanced coverage your employees deserve.

Why choose the Honeybee Select?

  • Digital, easy-to-use benefits
  • Choose the standardized plan that you want
  • Add-on Allowance Accounts for extra coverage
  • Unparalleled plan member experience
  • Access to exclusive partners
  • Receive a guaranteed quote in 24 hours
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What to Expect

Get answers to your questions about Honeybee Select. In our demo we will:

  • Ensure Honeybee Select is the right solution to help you achieve your business goals
  • Show you how employees can easily view available funds, submit expenses and get reimbursed
  • Guide you through the process of getting started with Honeybee Select

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