Employee Benefits App

Using the Honeybee app is easy as 1, 2, 3. Whether it’s pulling up your benefits card, submitting a benefits claim, or viewing your available benefits, you can get it done quickly and easily so you can go on with your day.

Health Benefits Account

View Benefits Coverage On Your Phone

All your employee benefits information is easily accessible from your smartphone with the Honeybee benefits app. With Honeybee, you have:

  • No plastic cards to lose inside your wallet or purse
  • No brochures or huge, unwieldy booklets
  • No paperwork or mailing required

Honeybee members can view details of their benefits plan and see what’s covered right from their app.

Honeybee Coverage Benefits Card

Clear Information at a Glance

Honeybee provides easy access to your past claims history and pending claims in progress.

This means you gain visibility into the status of claims you have recently submitted and are expecting to be reimbursed for. No more black hole of waiting and wondering!

You can also easily review past claims at any time to see what your benefits dollars have gone towards.

Understand What Benefits You Have

There doesn’t have to be any guesswork involved in employee benefits. Employees can also view the exact balances in their Health Account or Allowance Account at any given time to see what they have available. This allows them to make informed decisions on how to best use their benefits.

No guesswork or tedious phone calls required!

Submit Claims in a Snap

Forget about archaic paper forms or confusing web portals. Honeybee makes claim submissions as easy as snapping a photo of your receipt in the app.

Not only can you submit your claims on the go, but Honeybee also issues payment directly to your bank account. Get your money back faster! 

Member Benefits and Exclusive Offers

Honeybee Offers gives members access to great deals and exclusive discounts that help them make the most of their benefits.

From unique deals on fitness classes, orthotics, healthy food and more, Honeybee has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Honeybee App
Where can I see my claims in progress and/or past claims?

You can see any claims in progress as well as your past claims history in the “Claims” tab in your mobile app.

How can my spouse or dependents use my Honeybee Benefits when they don't have the app?

Just like with any other benefits plan, your spouse and/or dependents will be covered under your plan member number. We suggest taking a screen capture of your benefits card page and sending it to your spouse and family so they have easy access to this virtual card at all times. You’ll find your virtual card in the “Coverage” tab under the section titled “Benefits Cards”.

Do you have any providers that you can recommend to me?

The Honeybee “Offers” tab is where we showcase specific providers that we’ve partnered with. Keep checking the page as we are always updating our partnership programs so our members can get the most out of their benefits.

I forgot the choices I’d made during enrolment. Where can I see those?

Your plan choices for deductibles and co-insurance are displayed at the top of the Coverage page in the “Coverage” tab. These choices reflect your individual choices and will be personalized to show your selections.

Where can I learn more about any additional coverage my plan may include?

Navigate to the “Coverage” tab. Select “Coverage” and at the bottom of this page you’ll find the “Additional Coverage” section. This is where you can get more information about products such as an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and virtual doctor services if your plan includes them.

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