How to prevent employee burnout

What can you do to prevent employee burnout?

Employee burnout can be very serious and can lead to high employee turnover, low productivity, and a variety of health problems. It’s important to take steps to ensure that your workplace isn’t causing workers to... Read more

7 Different Types of Rest You Need

We all get tired. But rarely do we talk about the different types of rest. After being inspired by this Ted Tok post we’ve noticed how often we approach rest by just sleeping and napping... Read more
Image of an online meeting

5 Ideas for Your Social Committee to Use

Every social committee wants to plan fun and engaging events for their employees. The ever-changing hybrid and remote working environments are tough to navigate when considering event-planning, especially when you have some people joining virtually... Read more
5 Ways to Use Your Benefits for Self-Care

5 Ways to Use Your Benefits for Self-Care

Self-care has been in the spotlight recently for good reason. Our lifestyles have been adjusted, re-adjusted and in some cases, halted altogether. The coping strategies people have relied on in the past may not have... Read more