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Honeybee is the new way to offer unique employee benefits. You may have heard of fitness allowances and employee wellness programs. Well, Honeybee is that and much, much more.

Honeybee lets employers automatically deposit a set amount of money into employee Allowance Accounts every month. Much like a bank account, employees can then use those funds for a variety of expenses in categories selected by their employer. All through a user-friendly app!

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What can an Allowance Account be used for?

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A spending account for Fitness covers more than a gym membership. Reimburse employees for expenses like gym equipment, yoga classes—even athletic clothing!

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Support commuting in all forms! Employees can spend a Transportation Allowance on things like gas, public transit, parking, taxis, and more.

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Encourage continuous learning with an Education allowance, to be used for conferences, courses and training, language lessons, or even student loans.

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Time Savers

Help your employees achieve work/life balance with an Allowance for time-saving expenses like cleaning services, meal delivery, dry cleaning, etc.

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Juggling work and family isn’t easy! Lend employees a hand by letting them submit expenses like childcare, children’s programs, and tutoring.

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For those employees with fur babies, an Allowance Account can be used for expenses like pet insurance, grooming, pet food, and walking services.

No more administration frustration

User-friendly digital admin portal

Simple, automated reimbursement

Self-serve enrolment to get started fast

Update your budget or categories anytime

How it works

Benefits Budget

Set your per month budget

Identify how much you’d like to give employees each month to spend on the personalized lifestyle benefits they’ll love.

Lifestyle Benefits Categories

Select your benefits categories

Create a unique benefits program, choosing from categories like Fitness, Education, Kids & Pets, Transportation and more.

Provide Lifestyle Benefits

Launch and take a big bow

Introduce your team to their Allowance Accounts and wait for the applause! From there, automation saves you time and hassle.

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Honeybee Allowance Accounts are a fast and easy way to take the administrative pain out of lifestyle benefits. Book a demo to learn more.

What to Expect

Your company’s Honeybee Allowance Accounts can be made available following your personalized demo! In our call, we’ll help you ensure that Honeybee is right for your company and prepare you to introduce Allowance Accounts to your employees.

In our demo we will:

  • Ensure Honeybee is a good fit for your goals
  • Show you how employees can easily view available funds, submit expenses and get reimbursed
  • Guide you through the process of setting up your categories and per employee budget
  • Make sure you have everything you need to activate your company’s free Allowance Accounts

If you’re ready, fill out the form with your information to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lifestyle Benefits
What's the difference between a lifestyle spending account and a personal spending account?

Great question! These terms are often used interchangeably to refer to a flexible spending account that employers fund on behalf of their employees to be used for a variety of taxable expenses.

What are eligible expenses for a lifestyle spending account?

The eligible expenses for a Honeybee lifestyle spending account are defined by the employer. In short, it’s completely up to your company! Some employers choose to allow a very wide range of eligible expenses, including all the categories we list on this page and more. Others prefer to emphasize core values of the company by selecting just one or two categories of expenses.

Can I offer employees an allowance in a category that isn't listed on this page?

Yes, absolutely! Honeybee makes is possible for each company to customize their Allowance Accounts completely. Eligible expenses are determined by the employer, so if there’s something you’d like to cover that isn’t listed, just let us know.