Honeybee Health Account

A flexible spending account to be used for commonly incurred health expenses. What’s not to love?

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Dentist and Doctor

What's a Health Spending Account?

The Honeybee Health Account is our unique approach to a popular employee benefit: the Health Spending Account (known as an “HSA” for short). These accounts are funded by the employer and can be used by employees for a wide variety of medical expenses. Eligible expenses are determined by the Canadian Revenue Agency and vary by province. See the list below for some of the most common examples!

Common Health Expenses

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Prescription Drugs

A Health Account can be used to reimburse the cost of drugs and medications prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner and dispensed by a pharmacist.

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Paramedical Services

The services covered vary by province/territory but may include psychologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists (foot specialists), and others.

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Vision Care

A Health Account can be used to pay for vision needs in many forms, including optometrist visits, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and even laser eye surgery.

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Dental Services

A wide variety of dental expenses can be covered by a Health Account, ranging from preventative services (including dental check-ups & cleanings) to orthodontic treatment and restorative services such as fillings.

…And Many More

The above are just some of the many expenses that may be covered. Get in touch with us to discuss whether a Honeybee Health Account will suit your business's needs.

Are Health Accounts Right for My Business?

If your company is just getting started with benefits, a Health Account is a great way to begin offering employee health benefits coverage because the costs are controlled and predictable.

A Health Account can also be a great complement to an existing benefits plan with insurance coverage, offering additional choice to employees in how they can use their benefits. These flexible spending accounts are particularly well-suited to organizations that have young or multi-generational workforces where people often have very different kinds of health expenditures.

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Health Benefits Account

The Benefits of a Health Spending Account

A cost-effective approach to providing health and dental benefits

Offer unmatched flexibility to meet employees’ unique benefits needs

A tax-free benefit for employees, tax-deductible for your business

Easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to love!

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What to Expect

Get answers to your questions about Honeybee Health Accounts. In our demo we will:

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  • Show you how employees can easily view available funds, submit expenses and get reimbursed
  • Guide you through the process of getting started with Health Accounts
  • Explain how we work with you and your advisor to put together a benefits plan that’s a perfect fit for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions About Health Accounts
How do I use my Health Spending Account?

Once you have completed your enrolment with Honeybee, you may claim eligible expenses through your Health Spending Account by submitting your receipts via the Honeybee benefits app. It’s simple! When you receive a receipt for an eligible service or product, open up the Honeybee app on your smart phone, log in, and navigate to the “Send Claim” screen. Submit a Health Claim by taking a picture of your receipt. You can expect to be reimbursed on eligible claims within a week’s time, sometimes sooner.

What can I use my Health Spending Account on?

A list of Honeybee Health Account eligible expenses can be found here. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) ultimately determines which expenses are eligible. Please note that eligible expenses vary across province/territory.

Does my Health Spending Account cover paramedicals?

Yes, so long as you have available funds in your Health Account and the paramedical service is rendered by a licensed medical practitioner. Please note that what constitutes as a licensed medical practitioner differs by province/territory for the purposes of claiming medical expenses. For example, while massage services may be covered in Ontario, they are not covered in Manitoba. Refer to the Government of Canada’s website for additional information about the paramedical services covered in your province/territory.

Can I use my HSA for dental expenses?

Yes, many common dental expenses can be paid for using a Health Spending Account, often above and beyond what traditional dental insurance might cover.

Can you use an HSA for counselling?

Yes, many types of counselling can be covered by an HSA, although it is important to note that the counselling services covered by an HSA vary by province/territory. Counselling provided by a psychologist is covered under all provinces and territories except Yukon. Other types of counselling services that may be covered by your HSA depending on your province/territory include those provided by a counselling therapist, marriage and family therapist, or psychotherapist. Refer to the Government of Canada’s website for additional information about the types of counselling covered in your province/territory.