5 Ways to Help Employees Enjoy a Productive Summer

Summer is the time of year for picnics and BBQs, parties and potlucks. The best way to introduce what summer has to offer into the office is to think of a healthy approach for your employees to relieve stress and to keep morale high. Below are some creative ways to help your employees enjoy the best of summer, while working:

1. Create an Outdoor Work Environment, Inside

If you work in an office with windows, encourage your team members to move their desks so they are facing outside and take their breaks outside as often as possible. This will also help them be more productive! According to The Joanna Briggs Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences, humans have been designed to function their best when light is more present due to the natural suppression of melatonin production.

Encourage employees to bring in plants. Not only do these looks pretty; they also help filter out toxins from indoor air pollution such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene (TCE).

Encourage exercise breaks. We all know that people who exercise regularly are happier, healthier, and more productive at work. It is also proven that when employees exercise together at work, they are more likely to form meaningful social bonds with each other as well as boosting morale among the entire team. So why not encourage walking breaks or even a weekly or monthly fitness class onsite?

2. Organize Summer Events for your Staff

What better way to round out the year than by bringing your co-workers together to participate in a few activities that are fun, enjoyable and promote a sense of unity. When employees share quality social time with one another, it builds trust and respect and creates a more positive work environment.

  • Host a Volleyball Game:

Get your staff together by organizing a volleyball tournament. Tournaments build team relationships, encourage positivity and help everyone get outside. You can make your own teams or allow employees to form their own groups. Set up a schedule for each team and decide on the number of games per day. You can also include other events, like a prize for the team with the most creative name. If possible, have food out during breaks or after games so that people can relax while they’re enjoying themselves.

  • Plan a Hike:

For many people, a hike is a perfect activity. There is the sense of adventure, of being out in the fresh air and sunshine, and the feeling of accomplishment from reaching the destination. It is also a social activity, which makes for a perfect team building activity. The size of the trail or path does not matter — there is always something to do, somewhere to go and fun to be had.

3. Provide Treats

  • Host a BBQ:

This summer, consider hosting a BBQ for employees. Engage in a shared activity that builds camaraderie and  dramatically boosts company morale. The BBQ is a great event to have in the summer months  because it is inexpensive and does not require a lot of preparation or planning. Choose a location where you would be able to set up a few games for everyone to play while the food gets set up. Play music, talk life outside of work— all while enjoying great, homemade food.

  • Ice cream truck day:

Summer is all about ice cream, so why not let your employees indulge a little? Host an ice cream truck at the office, or even just have an ice cream party in the break room. You can also bring in treats like popsicles and chocolate bars for some summer treats.

  • Office lemonade stand:

Employees can stay hydrated and take a well-deserved break by setting up a lemonade stand outside the office. Employees will be able to bond with other colleagues over their favorite summer drink.

  • Food truck for the office:

Who doesn’t love a food truck? Lunch-time fun in the summer sun bonding over delicious food is never a bad idea. Don’t forget to take a few photos for the company Instagram account!

4. Allow a Summer Dress Code

A dress code policy is often necessary in an office environment, but these policies should be flexible enough to allow employees some degree of personal choice. Some companies implement seasonal dress codes during the summer months that encourage workers to dress comfortably while still maintaining professional standards.

5. Design a Summer Schedule

Consider offering summer hours to employees. This allows them more flexibility when it comes to their schedule and gives them a healthier work-life balance. It also improves morale, productivity, and efficiency at work because they will not feel pressured by having to stay at work until late hours to finish their tasks. According to the Social Market Foundation, it is proven that happier individuals are at least 12% more productive. It also a proven that 53% of employees in America consider a “work-life balance” important to them according to Gallup’s State of American Workplace Report.

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