4 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Lunch Hour

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Lunchtime workouts can be an intimidating endeavour for even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The thought of scrambling to the nearest gym for a few minutes on the treadmill before jumping back into work clothes and returning to the office to finish off the day can seem like more trouble than it’s worth—but a midday workout doesn’t have to be so fussy.

Flexibility, planning ahead and staying organized can take the sweat out of a lunchtime session. Help your employees stay healthy and reach their fitness goals by sharing these tips to squeeze in an afternoon workout.

Put it on your calendar

Decide what days you’re going to be heading to the gym over lunch and set a schedule for the week. Pack your workout gear the night before for a smooth morning routine. Whether you plan to bring or buy your lunch meal, don’t forget to sort out what you’ll be eating and when.

Another tip is to put your midday workout on a shared calendar at work, so coworkers aren’t trying to schedule meetings with you at noon when you’ve already signed up for that spin class. As an added bonus, you may inspire your coworkers to get moving too!

Find the right location

Take inventory of the fitness options near your workplace, as well as the driving routes or public transportation options. While it would be ideal to walk over to your favourite gym or studio, it can sometimes be worth travelling just a bit further if it means finding a workout space you’re excited to visit.

Of course, if you have an employer-sponsored wellness program that provides you with access to certain gyms or studios, be sure to take that into account. Ideally your corporate wellness program is flexible, offering plenty of options.

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Once you find a gym or studio, make a plan. Are you taking a group class? Check the schedule beforehand to see what’s offered over lunch, as well as the class length. Whether you’re joining a class or getting your sweat on solo, always know what you’re doing before you go so that you can make your trip a success.

Know your after class situation

If you’re planning on fitting a shower in before you head back to work, consider the locker room at the fitness space. While some studios and gyms have luxe amenities, others are bare bones – but that shouldn’t stop you from frequenting your favourite place. You can always freshen up with body wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant if a shower isn’t possible.

If you’re really concerned about the sweat factor, save the less intense workouts for your lunchtime sessions!

Maximize your time

When time is of the essence, standing around while somebody else uses equipment isn’t going to help you maximize your workout. At the gym, use what’s open and get creative with your workout.

If you go the group fitness route, let the instructor know if you need to leave exactly on time (or even a minute or two early). Think about positioning yourself near the door so that you can make a speedy exit if need be without disturbing other workout participants!

Lastly, if your studio or gym is a bit farther away from your workplace, use the commute time wisely—catch up on emails, read that company memo or sort out tomorrow’s schedule.

A midday workout can actually help you take a step back from the grind and re-energize, boosting both endorphins and productivity. With a little advanced planning, adding a workout to your work day should be no sweat.

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